Songshan Chan Wu Canada Academy
Songshan Chan Wu Canada Academy


Shaolin Gong Fu trains a person's body and soul. It trains the body to be able to link the nervous system with the muscles and to be healthy. As practitioners we will be capable to protect ourselves against physical attacks and our reflexes will also improve and develop.

As the birthplace of all martial arts, Shaolin encompasses every style. It cultivates a person from the inside out using traditional Chinese martial arts training to channel one's spiritual, physical, and psychological counterparts enabling a perfect fusion among them which is the unification of Chan and Wu.

The Chan Wu system is the first official grading system for traditional Shaolin Gong Fu practitioners outside of China. It is meant to separate the authentic schools from those which misuse the Shaolin name, thus damaging the reputation of the sacred temple and its masters. We enforce this system at Chan Wu Canada.

Our curriculum blends Original Shaolin Fist with Qin Na (Trap and seize) and Yong Fa (Application of Technique) to enable our students to protect themselves in all real life situations. Shaolin workouts greatly enhance flexibility, cardiovascular, and channels awareness in every day life.

What is original Songshan style?

Original Songshan Style of Shaolin Gong Fu simply means that it is the authentic martial art which originated at the Shaolin Temple of Henan, China. It is taught in its purest form as passed down for the last l500 past years from generation to generation within the walls and surrounding forest of the temple on Song mountain. It is taught in its original frame containing 173 hand forms, and l43 weapon forms which was systemized in 963 A.D. by master Fu Yu and three disciples.

Shaolin is for everyone...

Shaolin Gong Fu isn't only for adults. It is a lot of fun for kids, but that's not all. It is a fact that learning a good martial art leads to increased self-confidence, discipline and self-control which greatly helps a child in their formative years. These character building qualities can improve a child's scholastic and social skills.