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A testimonial! / Un témoignage !

March 3rd, 2021

In my almost 40 years of martial arts training, in Canada as well as in China, I have encountered few who have an involved and in-depth understanding of Shaolin Gong-Fu and its intricacies.

Shifu Max Rendinella of Montreal, Québec and head of Songshan Chan-Wu Canada on behalf of the International Chan Wu federation, is one such individual whose knowledge and grasp of the art surpasses his years.

His 25+ years of world-class training in Songshan Shaolin Gong-Fu, as well as his many years as a Sanda fighter, coach and referee give him a singular ability to recognize the level requirements of the participant and recommend a course of training that is suited to achieving their goals and proficiency in the art.

My training in the past 12 months with Shifu Max have been exemplary, even with the added complication of the pandemic resulting in all sessions being on Zoom.

It has been my privilege to train and exchange knowledge with his during this time, and for anyone in Canada who sincerely wishes to learn serious and authentic Shaolin Gong-Fu, I highly recommend Shifu Max and Songshan Chan-Wu.

Grandmaster Tim Wakefield, 9th Degree Black Sash- Shaolin Kempo Kung-Fu
Owner of Shaolin Martial Arts Canada, Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Shi Yan Feng, 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Disciple - Shaolin Temple, Henan, China

3 mars 2021

Au cours de près de 40 ans d’expériences en entraînement des arts martiaux, au Canada comme en Chine, j’ai rencontré peu de gens qui ont une compréhension approfondie du Gong-Fu Shaolin et de ses difficultés.

Shifu Max Rendinella, de Montréal, Québec et chef de Songshan Chan-Wu Canada au nom de la fédération internationale Chan Wu, est l'une de ces personnes dont la connaissance et la compréhension de l'art dépassent ses années.

Ses 25 ans et plus de formation de classe mondiale à Songshan Shaolin Gong-Fu, ainsi que ses nombreuses années en tant que combattant, entraîneur et arbitre Sanda lui confèrent une capacité singulière à reconnaître les exigences de niveau du participant et à recommander un cours de formation qui est adapté à la réalisation de leurs objectifs et à leur maîtrise de l'art.

Ma formation au cours des 12 derniers mois avec Shifu Max a été exemplaire, même avec la complication supplémentaire de la pandémie qui a entraîné toutes les sessions en Zoom.

J'ai eu le privilège de m'entraîner et d'échanger des connaissances avec lui pendant cette période, et pour toute personne au Canada qui souhaite sincèrement apprendre le Shaolin Gong-Fu sérieux et authentique, je recommande vivement Shifu Max et Songshan Chan-Wu.

Grand maître Tim Wakefield, ceinture noire 9e degré - Shaolin Kempo Kung-Fu
Propriétaire de Shaolin Martial Arts Canada, Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Shi Yan Feng, disciple du guerrier Shaolin de 34e génération - Temple Shaolin, Henan, Chine

Official Shifu/Master level certification

In July of 2016 Shifu Max was to be among the few to receive his official Shifu/Master level certification by Grandmaster Shi De Yang through the Chan Wu Federation and it's president Shi Xing Hong.

This makes him the first officially certified Shaolin Shifu in Canada by Shi De Yang and Shi Xing Hong's Chan Wu Federation.

This just 1 week before his 20 year mark in his Shaolin journey, reaffirming that he is much more than a consummate master of this martial art but a master of an entire art of living.

Congratulations to our master Max who is a true paradigm of determination and great ambassador of Shaolin in Canada.


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